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This faculty position is a combined unique opportunity to participate in on-line teaching with students, in addition to helping facilitate clinical site visits at a variety of clinical affiliations in the state of Louisiana. The job of faculty members at Herzing University has three dimensions irrespective of whether they are working full-time or part-time. These are: Teaching, Service and Scholarship. Faculty members report to an Academic Department Chair or directly to the Academic Dean at a Campus.


The Herzing University Faculty Handbook provides specifics regarding faculty members’ duties and responsibilities. However, they can be summarized briefly as below.


1. Teaching

Student Awareness:

·         Interact in a fair and impartial way with students.

·         Promote and assess student academic achievement.

·         Counsel students within the norms of society and the regulations of the college.

·         Motivate students.


·         Effectively plan and organize lectures and labs in accordance with the college course outlines.

·         Present course material in a manner that will interest and motivate students.

·         Effectively utilize class time.

·         Prepare and effectively utilize homework.

·         Maintain class discipline.

·         Encourage student dialogue and analytical thought.

·         State course objectives at the first class meeting in a course.

·         Explain the course grading system at the first class meeting in a course.

·         Promptly return graded student work.

·         Effectively use instructional techniques.

·         Assist students in assigned lectures and labs.

·         Satisfy course objectives.

2. Service


·         Enforce the college rules as published in the Student Handbook.

·         Report class attendance in accordance with the college policy and procedure.

·         Submit grades and records accurately and promptly in accordance with the college grading policy and procedure.

·         Report any college related problems to the Academic Dean or College President.


·         Serve on academic committee(s) (e.g., Curriculum Development, Assessment of Student Academic Achievement, etc.) as assigned.

·         Actively participate in campus and college activities.

·         Attend meetings and classes on time.

·         Cooperate with all faculty and staff.

·         Adapt to course assignments and scheduling needs.

·         Participate when needed in local and college curriculum development activities.

·         Assist the academic administration with assigned curricular and administrative activities.

3. Scholarship

Professional and Personal Development in Teaching Discipline:

·         Complete degrees appropriate to the courses taught if needed - see Education and/or Experience Requirements below

·         Remain current in the teaching discipline through:

o   Regular interaction with industry professionals through advisory boards, site visits or other structured contact,

o   Participation in professional associations and societies,

o   Active reading and study in the teaching discipline,

o   Participation in professional conferences, preferable as a presenter, and/or,

o   Completion of professional seminars or continuing education courses in the teaching discipline.

Scholarship of Teaching

·         Study the art and science of teaching through reading and/or course work.

·         Complete professional development activities in accordance with the University’s professional development policy and the individual faculty member’s professional development plan as outlined by the Academic Dean.

·         Experiment with various teaching methods and share the results with colleagues.


This position will focus on online teaching for students in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program.  The clinical site visits with the students are within the state of Louisiana and at multiple clinical affiliations. 

Other duties as assigned.

Faculty members may supervise student workers.



1.      Expert knowledge of subject matter of courses taught acquired through academic study or professional experience.

2.      Demonstrated teaching skills.

3.      Ability to speak and write effectively.

4.      Excellent people skills.

5.      Must be Board certified as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner.

6.      Active Louisiana Registered Nurse license, and active Louisiana Advanced Practice Nurse license which is unencumbered.



A doctoral degree for graduate courses from accredited School of Nursing or University.                    



ADA Disclaimer:  In developing this job description care was taken to include all competencies needed to successfully perform in this position.  However, for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) purposes, the essential functions of the job may or may not have been described for purposes of ADA reasonable accommodation.  All reasonable accommodation requests will be reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


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